International Family Law - Including Divorce

If you have a client that is involved in a case involving divorce, inheritance or child abduction that involves an Islamic nation, you can expedite your case by hiring an Islamic law expert.

Without expert assistance your client will experience frustrating delays and endless uncertainties.

To get the results you want, you will need the assistance of an attorney who not only speaks the language but who also knows the laws of each country involved in your case and has deep contacts in the Islamic country where you have interests.

The law office of Abed Awad provides effective service in domestic and international divorce and family law matters to protect your rights and to serve the best interest of your children.

Our experts and attorneys provide expert witness services to clients, attorneys and courts regarding Islamic law, the laws of various Arab countries and/or Arab/Muslim culture. We also provide reports and testimony related to family laws in Arab countries from the interpretation of foreign decrees to testimony detailing local family laws and procedures. Our experts and attorneys have provided expert witness testimony, reports, and briefs to courts and attorneys throughout the United States on Egyptian law, Libyan law, Syrian law, Lebanese law, Palestinian law, Ja'fari law, Kuwaiti law, Qatari law, Iraqi law, Saudi law and Islamic law, among other areas.

Additionally, our experts and attorneys have been qualified by numerous American courts as experts in:

  • » Islamic law
  • » Jordanian law
  • » Egyptian law
  • » Qatari law
  • » Syrian law
  • » United Arab Emirates law
  • » Moroccan law
  • » Middle Eastern law

Our experts and attorneys have submitted expert reports regarding the laws of Arab countries in New Jersey, New York, Delaware, California, Florida, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Ohio, Iowa and the District of Columbia, among other states.

If you have an international family case in an Islamic country, please call Abed Awad for a free consultation.1.877.ARAB.LAW (1.877.272.2529) or 201.462.9500 or fill out this short form.