Commercial And Civil Law In Muslim And Arab Countries

If you do business in Muslim and Arab countries, or if you are planning to do so, there are many obstacles to overcome. You need to know the language, customs and laws of each country in which you are doing business.

Knowledge of Islamic law is critical to doing business in Muslim and Arab countries. However Islamic law is vast and differs from country to country. For example, in Saudi Arabia, there is no law other than Islamic law, but for other countries the influence of Islamic law is subtler.

In any case, the best way to avoid costly mistakes and delays is to obtain expert advice about Islamic Law, Abed Awad is both a practicing attorney and an expert in Islamic Middle Eastern law, and Arab/Muslim culture. Mr. Awad is fluent in Arabic. He provides expert witness services to clients, attorneys and courts that need the issues of their cases that involve Islamic law, Arab law and/or Arab/Muslim culture to be explained to an American judge.

Mr. Awad has provided expert witness testimony, reports and briefs to courts and attorneys throughout the United States, as well as internationally, on Egyptian law, Syrian law, Lebanese law, Jaafari law, Islamic law and Arab law. He has been qualified by numerous American Courts as an expert in:

  • » Islamic law
  • » Islamic Family law
  • » Egyptian law
  • » Syrian law
  • » Arab Family law
  • » Middle Eastern law

He has submitted expert reports regarding Arab law in New Jersey, New York, California, Florida, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina and Georgia, as well as other States.

For more information about expert Islamic law services, please call Abed Awad 1.877.ARAB.LAW (1.877.272.2529) or 201.462.9500 or fill out this short form.