About Us

Abed Awad is both a practicing attorney and an expert in Islamic Middle Eastern law, and Arab/Muslim culture. Mr. Awad is fluent in Arabic. He provides expert witness services to clients, attorneys and courts that need the issues of their cases that involve Islamic law, Arab law and/or Arab/Muslim culture to be explained to an American Judge.

Abed Awad has native fluency in Arabic and is an international expert in Islamic law and the laws of the Muslim countries. He is regularly called upon to testify, write expert reports and consults concerning the interpretation and application of Shari'a (Islamic law) and the law of Muslim countries. Awad has testified, consulted and provided expert reports for courts and attorneys throughout the United States, Canada and England concerning the interpretation and application of: Islamic Islamic law, Islamic family law, Islamic inheritance law, Islamic commercial law. His experitse includes:

  • » Egyptian law
  • » Syrian law
  • » Qatar law
  • » Kuwaiti law
  • » United Arab Emirates law
    (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al-Khimah)
  • » Palestinian law
  • » Jordanian law
  • » Lebanese law
  • » Djibouti law
  • » Saudi Arabian law
  • » Omani law
  • » Moroccan law
  • » Iraqi law
  • » Iranian law
  • » Libyan law
  • » Singaporean law
  • » Pakistani law
  • » Mali law
  • » Indonesian law
  • » Gambian law
  • » Bangladesh law
  • » Ja'fari (Shia)
  • » Jewish law
    (Morocco and Egypt)
  • » Canon law
    (Coptic Orthodox, Catholic,
    Greek Orthodox, and Protestant)

Awad combines his academic knowledge of shari'a (Islamic law) and the laws of Muslim countries with seasoned practical litigation acumen and strategy to provide his clients with added value and a decisive edge.

He has submitted expert reports regarding Arab law in New Jersey, New York, California, Florida, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina and Georgia, as well as other States.

Additionally, when commercial disputes arise which are based on and/or are governed by Islamic law and Arab law, the services of an expert witness are often needed to interpret for American courts the foreign law. The wide array on expert testimony topics include those relating to damages, liability, public policy, enforceability of agreements, procedural rules and other issues. As a practicing attorney and an expert in Islamic law, Arab law and culture Mr. Awad can testify in matters of business-related law – from contract and jurisdictional disputes to trade, franchise and marketing agreements. Mr. Awad provides expert reports and testimony related to family laws in the Middle East from interpretation of foreign decrees to testimony detailing local law and procedures. To read more about Mr. Awad's expert services please click on the following link: www.abedawad.com.

For more information on Mr. Awad's expert services please call at 201-462-9500 or 1-877-272-2529 or fill out this short form.